Children’s Garden

Children’s Garden update from Director Rick Lewandowski (Nov. 4, 2015):

“The fireman’s pump is once again a wonderful interactive feature of the Children’s Garden thanks to the planning and diligence during an extremely busy year. Also, with a great deal of pride and appreciation for all that has been accomplished, it’s important to note that this project brings us near to wrapping up a remarkable amount of renovation/improvement to the Children’s Garden and Courtyard in 2015.

With the support of the Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation, there has been a complete redesign and renovation to the Star and Crescent Moon Café Courtyard with stunning new, large live oak trees, exquisite new walkways and enhanced electric infrastructures; work completed with metal artist Stephanie Dwyer to design, fabricate and install our fabulous new bottle tree sculpture, Dancing Sisters; installation of extensive brick edging around the entire courtyard area, both for functional beauty and design integrity, and development of a design for a completely new garden, the “Edibles Landscape”, that resulted in the removal of the bamboo and installation of a vine, shrub and fruit tree landscape plan.

The entire area now looks fantastic. Thank you to all involved! Please come and enjoy.”


The Here We Grow Children’s Garden is a delight for children of all ages. The children’s garden is education and fun.

Vegetables grow in raised rectangular beds. All senses are engaged as a visitor moves from bed to bed in the Sensory Garden and Bird and Butterfly Garden.  A pump is connected to an irrigation system that waters the plants, visiting school groups use the pump.

Luxurious martin houses, left over from the original garden are on poles that allow them to be cranked up and down so they can be put in storage during a hurricane.

In African American folklore, bottle trees are said to absorb evil spirits. The children’s garden bottle trees were created using dead cedar trees, which are connected to concrete foundations using metal pipes that stick up into them.

Special thanks to the Children’s Garden sponsor, Firestone Polymers.


Vegetable-in-Childrens-Garden-DSC_3211-WEBhere-we-grow-garden      Cooking-in-Garden-HPIM0400-WEB