The Outpost Tour is a guided journey along the waterways of Adams Bayou on one of Shangri La’s specially outfitted pontoon watercraft. More importantly, the Outpost Tour is an opportunity for visitors to become immersed in the natural world for a short time and to gain a better understanding of the forces that shape the environment of the Gulf Coast region of Southeast Texas.
The Outpost Tour involves a short walk to the Nature Discovery Center where visitors gather to be escorted to Shangri La’s boathouse and board one of our pontoon boats. Once on the watercraft, the Outpost Tour takes participants on a journey through the natural ecosystems of Adams Bayou and, ultimately, to one of the Outpost Pavilions in the Cypress-Tupelo swamp.
A knowledgeable guide leads the Outpost Tour and provides interpretation of Adams Bayou, associated habitats, wildlife, and a brief historical overview of portions of Shangri La and the local community.
The Outpost Tour takes approximately one hour and thirty minutes. This tour is wheelchair accessible.
Please note that children under 4 years of age are not allowed on Outpost Tours.
For the enjoyment of all guests on the Outpost Tour, we ask that cell phones be silenced and that passengers refrain from using cell phones or other electronic devices for the duration of the trip except for photography.
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