Specialty Tours- For visitors looking for a more in-depth experience, The W.H. Stark House offers tours focusing on unique aspects of the House or family on the second Saturday of the month. Offered at 10a.m., 11a.m., and Noon, these tours are developed by the House staff and guides to highlight objects from the House collection not frequently on view. Topics include: Mourning Customs, Courtship, Anniversary Celebrations, and Music. These tours do not cover the information shared during a regular house tour. Upcoming Second Saturday Specialty tour topics are announced 1 – 2 months in advance.
Annual Events- In addition to offering regular and specialty tours, The W.H. Stark House hosts two annual activities.
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1920s Day is a celebration of life in Orange during this exciting time. This event coincides with a 1920s themed performance at the Lutcher Theater. Theater as a respectable art form took off in America during the post-Civil War era, and Orange, Texas was no exception. Named after Miriam Stark’s mother Frances Ann Lutcher, the Lutcher Theater brings Broadway to Orange every year. Due to the popularity of theater at the turn of the 20th century, many plays were either written or are set during the lifetimes of the Starks. The W.H. Stark House uses these plays to transport theater patrons to the past by featuring events tied to Lutcher Theater runs. 1920’s Day is a celebration in full 1920s style from dress to dancing (though Prohibition is still in effect!).
Mother’s Day is a holiday near and dear to us at The W.H. Stark House, as the Stark family was filled with important and assertive women. As a way to honor them, the House offers an event that starts the week before Mother’s Day including special talks, unique tours, and gifts for the mothers who join us during that special time.