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Stark Museum of Art

The Stark Museum of Art houses one of the finest collections of nineteenth and twentieth century Western American art in the country. The collection focuses on the stunning land, dramatic people, and diverse wildlife of the American West.

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W.H. Stark House

W.H. and Miriam Lutcher Stark occupied the house from the 1890's until 1936. The family collections include art, furniture, household accessories, food service objects, rugs, linens, and more representing many different styles over 50+ years.

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Shangri La Botanical Gardens

Inspired by the mystical retreat represented in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton, Stark sought to create his own haven of indescribable beauty where time would stand still.

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Lutcher Theater

The Lutcher Theater is a 1,460-seat performing arts facility owned by the Nelda C. and H. J. Lutcher Stark Foundation and operated by Lutcher Theater, Inc. It is the largest Performing Arts Series from Houston, Texas, to New Orleans, Louisiana.

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